Arizona Pre-file Case Process

A pre-file case is a matter that is undergoing a criminal investigation by law enforcement and has not yet reached formal charging by a prosecuting agency. This “Pre-file” stage provides the accused with an opportunity to present relevant, favorable evidence to the law-enforcement agency or the prosecuting agency reviewing the case prior to charging in an effort to show that there is “no reasonable likelihood of conviction” and that criminal charges should not be filed or that less serious charges should be filed.

Certified Criminal Law Specialist Paul Ramos has successfully handled many Pre-file cases including Sexual Assaults, Molestations, Sexual Conduct with Minors, Drug Charges, Fraud charges, Thefts, and Vehicular Crimes. These types of cases should be handled with care. It takes knowledge of the criminal law, significant experience in criminal law and an understanding of the resources available to effectively and positively handle a Pre-file criminal case. Paul Ramos has this knowledge, experience and understanding.

Don’t wait for criminal charges to be filed against you. It is better to be proactive and to have an experienced, knowledgeable and aggressive attorney protect your rights from the very beginning of your matter.


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Mr. Ramos managed to make it as bearable as possible, and provided an excellent result that will allow me to live my life. Throughout the process, I was never given any reason to doubt his skill or integrity. He pursued all possible legal routes to benefit me, and was always just a call away. I would recommend him to anyone, and I trust him completely. I hope you never have to face felony charges, but if you do, you will be satisfied indeed if Mr. Ramos represents you. He's awesome!!!

I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Ramos and his staff. The legal process I experienced was not fun. mr. Ramos and his assistants were there for me every bit of the way. They answered my questions face to face, by phone and email. Very attentitve firm. Never once felt that I was ignored. In the end, I received a plea that was by far the best sentence I've heard from any peers involved in the same incident.

I refer clients with criminal matters to Paul because I know he has years of experience, knowledge and integrity.

Excellent! Saved My Butt.

If you happen to get yourself in an unfortunate legal battle, do not think twice about getting Paul Ramos on your side!

My case ended up going to trial and to say that Paul Ramos was prepared would be an understatement. He prepared an aggressive defense and all jury members came up with a verdict of not guilty. I can not express how happy I am to have hired Paul Ramos and my only regret is not choosing him from the beginning.

Yes, there have been angels in My life, and one of them is you. Thank You So Much!

After a substantial amount of research, I chose Paul Ramos to represent my case. Immediately after hiring him. I was given the confidence back that I would have a chance to beat this and get my life back. He was a great listener and was extremely transparent with his communication.

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